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Case Studies

Travel Aggregator

Here's an in-depth analysis of our critical overhaul of web & app for a heavy-user travel aggregator.

Primary Objectives

  • Develop streamlined, integrated systems for improved UX and revenue¬†
  • Implement advanced predictive analytics for precise demand forecasting and resource allocation.¬†
  • Utilize sentiment analysis and NLP to extract insights from feedbacks¬†
  • Optimize decision-making processes and data use to reduce costs and delays

Achieved Outcomes

  • An impressive 20% reduction in booking processing time and a 15% increase in revenue generation within the first quarter
  • A remarkable 23% decrease in overbooked flights and a 8% reduction in excess room inventory
  • The result was a significant, 18% increase in customer satisfaction scores and a 14% reduction in customer complaints within the first six months.
  • One third reduction in operational costs solidified our client’s competitive edge in the industry.