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product development

Domain Specialisation

we have extensive experience of building scalable products in all major domains

Banking & Finance

We have expertise building Lending, Supply Chain, Digital payments, P2P lending, Wallet development, payment gateway products, LMS and various underwriting models


We delivered multiple insurance products and insurance management systems

Blockchain & web3

Building defi, blockchain, crypto exchanges & buy and sell platforms for crypto, us stocks, etc

Online Gaming

Real money and multiplayer online gaming mobile application development We have developed various poker, rummy, fantasy league and many more games!

Education & Learning

Learning management system, gamification of learning process. We have developed various learning journeys on both web and mobile for various ed-tech companies

Ecommerce & Retail

Developed multiple ecommerce, retail and supply chain platforms. Warehouse management, SKU management, delivery, POS development (web, mobile and desktop)

why us?


Build and grow your business while we build tech that stays and scales

As a startup - it's important to focus on getting things done. We do exactly that. We take the driver's seat from tech & product perspective while you focus on adoption and growth!

Predictable talent

That's quite important right? 90% of our devs sourced through trusted referrals! All devs goes through a grilling interview process and cultural assessment!
Besides, our in-house process of driving accountability & ownership ensures that devs are super invested in your journey

1:1 with tech leaders

Can't afford to hire a hot-shot CTO? We connect you with engineering leaders (on-demand) to validate the architecture and design

Investor community access

Get access to investor community of 500+ angel investors and institutional VC's

As industry leaders, we are focused on driving innovation and solving problems every single day

Our process

Insight into how it works when partnering with us


Reach out - get in touch with our team by phone, email, or live chat so we can start the discovery process.


We have an initial meeting so we can get a full understanding of what you are looking for and how we can work together.


We will create a comprehensive proposal based on our initial meeting, and present it to your team, either in person or virtually.


We collaborate with your company or organization to implement the appropriate plan and framework.

250 + global clients